Saturday, October 25, 2008

Michael Turner Tribute

I never got a chance to do this--but I suppose better late than never....So---I knew Mike Turner had passed a while back this year. I was a big fan of his work back in the day. I remember being at comic con when he had come back to Top Cow after supposedly recovering from cancer. The line was up the wazoo to get his autograph. He was almost on his way out and I caught him real quick to ask him for a sig. He obliged and that was nice of him. In any case--better late than never. Here's to a fellow artist who's work I dug in my adolescent years. Godspeed man. Here's to ya.

Fathom is copyright Aspen Comics. This work is strictly for tribute purposes.

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Gilbert Rafael Garcia Jr. said...

I'll miss Turner. Still have found memories of reading his Supergirl arc. Good tribute, Edward.