Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From the House of Con

So, its been a few days since Comic Con 09--man what an experience. From meeting Geoff Darrow (The Matrix, Big Guy Rusty the boy robot), J. Scott Cambell (Gen 13, Danger Girl), Joe Jusko (Marvel/DC painter), Dean Yeagle (Mandy), to Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles)--just to name a few---it definitely ranks high on my once in a lifetime meter. It was also my first time reviewing portfolios on behalf of Petrol (an honor indeed)---and I gotta say there is ALOT of talent out there. Thank you to all you artists for dropping by---keep the great work growin and who knows--I'm sure I'll be seeing some of you again. In the meantime--this is the revised painting of the previous character. First in a series. Watchout---here comes the art!

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